The Winner's Calm & Empty Mind!

The Winter Olympics are here!

And they are full of great examples of how winner's create mindsets that win competitions.

Today in the Men's Snowboarding Half Pipe, Ryo Aono, a Japanese gen Y'er demonstrated a perfectly calm and empty mindset as he started his half pipe series of jumps. All he had to do was to dance in the moment!

It was so obvious compared to so many of the other western country's competitors, having to deal with their nerves.

He was so calm and laid back.....but when he hit his first jump - he got by far the biggest height and had heaps of momentum for the rest of his journey down the halfpipe - and he was so relaxed and composed throughout the whole ride.

Everything happened perfectly due the years of practice all of these elite athletes put into events like this.

All of the competitors in this event put their practice in.

But none of them had the mindset of Aono Ryo today!

What can you do to cultivate the winner's calm & empty mind so you can dance in your moment?

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