PAC - the possibility of FREEDOM!

Max asked me to explain PAC - how does it work?

Okay, PAC looks like this:


But for most of us, it looks like this:



The P stands for PARENT - this is the voice that criticizes, nags, demoralises, preaches, condemns, tries to get you to play safe and generally plays the part of an over-protective parent. If you stop reading right now and listen to what you are thinking - you will hear the parent saying something like: "What Parent? What is he talking about? There's no one in here like that!!!" It's a little voice that is going on constantly in your head.

The C stands for CHILD - this is the voice that just wants to play - they want to have their own way - like a precocious child, they don't take responsibility, they want total freedom, they aren't aware of the consequences of their actions - they just want to have fun!

Most people operate between these two states - Parent/Child. In fact, they have no other possibility.

It's only when you start to reflect upon your life, to stand outside of yourself, looking back in, that you have the possibility of another platform for you to operate from: the A for ADULT.

The adult is different from the parent. The parent is simply a recording of all the parental advice, growlings or punishments you have ever received. The Adult is a rational, objective state, which hears what the Parent is saying and weighs up in their own mind if this is true or not. The Adult thinks through whether or not the restrictions and fears of the parent are really in the best interests of the individual.

The Adult is different from the Child. The Adult can see consequences of actions. The Adult can also see the non productive and sometimes destructive behaviour of the Child which of course the child cannot. The Adult thinks through whether or not what the child wants to do is really in the best interests of the individual.

The Adult stands between the two often conflicting positions and acts like a judge or a referee, standing outside looking in, evaluating objectively and making decisions for the individual.

Having the platform of the adult can mean freedom from the merry-go-rounds that the Parent and the child have been on for years - repetitive, mechanical behaviours - patterns of behaviours.

How do you get to the platform of the Adult?

You simply observe the Parent and the Child - see what they are doing, listen to what they are saying. Automatically you separate yourself from the merry-go-round when you do this. Then you can make an informed choice.

Your Adult can then help you and guide you to make better quality decisions and live the life that you really want to live.

Any questions?

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