Secrets of Smart People's Focus!

Smart people focus on the things they have the power to change - they don't whine about the things they don't have any power to change.

But the really smart people make sure that the things they do put their energy into changing are the things that will get them closer to their outcome.

For instance, if you wanted to create a fantastic relationship with your partner and you chose to put political pressure on them, enrolling other people to your point of view, in order to dominate them and manipulate them into giving you what you want.....what kind of relationship are you creating?

Not a fantastic one that's for sure.

It's so easy to choose the wrong strategy if you are not totally focused on a positively stated outcome. that's written down in clear terms.

For people who have a clear vision of their outcome and they embrace it every day, it's so easy to get it right.

Any other way puts you in a position of hit and miss.

Clear Vision is essential.

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