The Amazing Lessons of Maize!

Most days I run past a field of maize - several fields actually!
I saw them when they were just pushing their way through the dark, moist soil.

The next day I was surprised to see that they had grown about 8 cm! (three inches)

A farm lady I spoke to that day, told me that when the weather conditions were right, she had seen them grow 16cms a day!

Every day I run past these fields, another 8 cms of growth.

Nature abounds with growth patterns like this. In fact, it was nature that had inspired the concept of Compounding Interest - a magical way to grow your savings.

Who is to say that we aren't growing at this pace? Who is to say that your progress toward your goals is not that steady 8cm a day?

If you watch TV, the illusion is created that humans are generally ordinary, weak and fearful creatures - this is contrasted by impossibly beautiful and well built Hero's and Heroines - "Who could possibly aspire to be like them?"

But what if we are actually are....amazing?

What if it's true that we can grow consistently each day, standing on the shoulders of our yesterday's growth? Day in and day out?

What if that is what we are doing already, but aren't aware of it?

What's the difference between a failure who thinks they are an achiever...
....and a success, who doesn't know they are an achiever?
Who is going to achieve?

Who is going to succeed?

......who is going to fail?

What if you are growing and achieving every day....and you don't know it?
What would happen to you, if you took the amazing secret of maize as your own?

How would your life look, if you saw your growth, acknowledged your achievements and tracked your progress?
Wouldn't that be a great help to you? Wouldn't your life be guided and have greater direction simply by doing this?

What couldn't you achieve?

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