Your life is flavoured by many things.

Your success or failure flavours your life.

Your health or health breakdown flavours your life.

Your relationships harmony or disharmony flavours your life.

These things affect your thinking, your interpretation of reality and your mood.

These things are going to happen anyhow! Life is full of this stuff coming our way every day! And some days bring you great big slaps that flavour your life with grief, pain, fear and loathing.

The really effective people take charge of the flavour of their lives. They create thoughts and feelings that they choose, to flavour their lives.

I've been listening to lots of people telling me how hard it is to get to see new clients.

I rang an old client who has dedicated himself to being remarkable in sales.

He asked me "How is business going?" I automatically complained and moaned about how hard it is to contact people.

I asked him in return, "How is business going?" He said:
"It's never been better! I can't believe how many people want my product at this time of the year! I'm run off my feet!"

I don't know if that is true, but I ask you: Is he taking responsibility for the flavor of his life? Is what he is saying going to influence his emotions, his state of mind - Is this guy taking care of himself or what!

So, my hat is off to you Adrian!

You have taught me much about the power of proactively flavouring my life.

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