The G.R.O.W. line of Questioning!

Like all coaching lines of questioning, the GROW line takes you through a logical and seamless transition of thought.

G stands for your Goal - acknowledge what your goal is.

R stands for your Reality - acknowledge what your current reality in this part of your life.

O stands for your Options - make a list of options and then look for Opportunities and come up with the best possible option which may be a single option or it may be a mixture of the best from a couple of different options.

W stands for What Will you do? - it's about exerting your willpower - putting your options into action. It's also a challenge to see if you have the willpower or guts to do it.

The trick is, at this point, is not to move on feeling more intelligent or well informed. That is always the booby prize!

Try it with something in your life that's not happening the way you want it to. Take it for a test run. Expect a miracle!

Let me know how you go.
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