The difference between Hero Worship and Modelling:

If you put someone up on a pedestal, worship them as a hero, you may learn something, but most often, you won't put it into action or inculcate it into your self. You will never feel worthy enough to own those qualities, those actions and those attitudes.
When you model someone, who is excellent in an area you want to master, then your intention is to put that quality into action and inculcate it into yourself.

When a Hero, worshiped by many, shows signs of weakness, nay - shows signs of human imperfection, like Tiger Woods, they will be cruelly crucified by their adorers.

Be careful when you model someone, that you don't judge them for their parts of their life that are less than perfect. Doing that will cost you all of what you have learnt from them. You will judge them and condemn them and your moral high ground is all that you will be left with.

For a modeller really only intends to improve their actions and their results.

Whereas hero worshipers are looking for an ideal and a vision of greatness that helps them transcend their own human failings and allows them not to attempt their own version of greatness. They are looking for a way out.

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