Your Baseline is a motivation engine!

Most of us have a motivator of choice.

It's either the Stick or the Carrot..........The Consequence or the Reward.

Anthony Robbins likes to use them both.

"Why settle for front wheel drive, when you can have four wheel drive?!"

You write a really uncomfortable, disappointing and depressing baseline - it really motivates you!

....and, if you write your baseline before you write your vision - you get very clear, very quickly about what it is that you really want in your desired future!

It motivates you because for a start, the act of writing it as uncomfortable, disappointing and depressing - is an act of admitting to yourself how bad you feel about it. No more Rose Coloured glasses, chocolate coated Kaka or being possum frozen in the headlights!

The good (and bad) news about this is, that after admitting that, you start to see every day how crummy your present situation is - especially when you read your vision every day!

You start to have emotions about this - emotions like irritation, frustration, annoyance and restlessness.

Most people will notice themselves feeling like this and will think that something is wrong ...and try to fix up their feelings.

Not you, however - because you know that these feelings are motivation engines - they will help you go into action - passionate, purposeful action.

These feelings, just like the stick, will motivate you to change things....for the better.

These feelings remind you that there's no turning back - forward is the only way to go!

Successful achievers know that comfort steals from you!

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