Trusting Inner Brilliance!

"You cannot teach people anything, you can only help them find it within themselves." -Galileo

...and he was right.

An apple hit Sir Issac Newton on the head.....and the theory for gravity was formulated.

.....and the world was surprised!

I see this happening every day.

My clients finding clarity and then comes the epiphany!
You are a Genius.

....just get that please!

....your coach's main job is to help you remember that and access your own personal Aladdin's cave - Open Sesame!

All those books and tools and theories out there - are simply strokes of genius witnessed and tabulated by scribes for financial gain and peddled in the market place to people in despair, who have given up on their inner brilliance's ability to provide their solutions.

You are expected to replicate the results by following the steps laid down by a witness of brilliance.
It's like trying to catch a cold by imitating the symptoms of a cold. Good luck!
Or becoming enlightened by emulating the signs and symptoms of enlightenment. Good luck!
You have all your answers within.
Here's an apple - bang yourself on the head, and ask yourself:
What is your Genius Master Plan for your current challenge?

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