Women, behavior and marketing!

Another article about women to give you ideas about how to work and market to woman:

A study has found that women eat different things depending on their company at the dinner table.

The most interesting finding was that if there were more men in the group fewer calories would be consumed by the females. Mixed-gender groups were seen to encourage much healthier choices than women eating in all-female groups. In these situations, it was found that the ladies chose food that was significantly higher in calories.

The findings come from research done in three large cafeterias at a Canadian university.

Meredith Young, PhD candidate at McMaster University, says the surprising results can be linked to food marketing.

"It is possible that small food portions signal attractiveness, and women conform, whether consciously or unconsciously, to small meals in order to be seen as more attractive," says Young.

Interestingly, the study found that men did not change their eating habits to suit any particular crowd.
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