How to Avoid Exhaustion as a Leader, Boss, Parent or Coach...

It's simple.

In all of those roles, you are either being a Conduit or a Battery.

A conduit allows learning to pass through it - it's a receptacle for energy - a tube for learning, responsibility, insights and results to pass through - it enables these things to show up within people.

Your people get to see how amazing, how capable and how responsible they are. They are the Heros. Nobody notices the conduit - it's just a tube. But you end up having empowered, capable people working hard around you! You don't get to look so good, but you are really going somewhere!

A battery makes learning happen. You put your energy out to make learning happen, to motivate people to take responsibility, to give people insights and to galvanise people to create results - it's really hard work..and you get exhausted.

Not only that, people never get that it was them who made all that stuff happen - they think you did it! So you have to put all that work in every time to get the result you want. You get to be the Hero! You get to look good, but it's really the booby prize!

So who are you being with your people?

Are you a Conduit? Or are you a Battery?

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