Same old, same old, just doesn't cut the mustard anymore!


We are all facing serious problems here now!

....and yet I keep seeing people who are supposed experts, trotting out the same old, same old - expecting people to be delighted to hear their plodding message of hope in their system, their belief or their product.

And you hear it in their voices - no sense of urgency, no admission of pain, no recognition that everything has suddenly changed - just rolling out the same old, same old - it's all familiar and nice and wonderful - but how relevant is it to us here now? How useful is it in a constantly changing environment? Does it still work?

For God's sake - I can't afford to spend time listening to such folk - this is not where the juice of life is for me! It's not even useful!

I want answers, case studies of things that work for people just like me, I want stuff that fills me with inspiration hope and desire - I want my life to work and I want stuff in my life that can help other's lives work as well!

I don't want compliance - I want something that's fit for my purposes!

I don't want statements of competencies - I want skills that I can put into actions and achieve great things with!

I don't want the same old, same old! I want something that is related to me - now and the future!

Same old, same old - Up with this, I will not put!

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