How Overwhelm Steals Your Ideas, Passion and Actions!

This is how it works -

You get an idea - it's a good idea - you start thinking about it, you get a vision of the outcome of an amazing result, you then discover it resonates within yourself and you find you move to:

Your Passion - it's amazing when your passion kicks in - the possible solutions flow, the idea develops and your energy is boundless - this leads you to:

Massive Action - you throw yourself at your project (that's what happens to an idea when you set a plan and go into action) - you are out of your comfort zone, meeting people, doing things that take you into the area where you need to break through obstacles and inertia. Which is great until you hit a big hairy hard obstacle that's really tough to get through and that takes you to:

Overwhelm. This is where you lose your direction, everything is just too much, you have run out of answers, your intuition and flow dries up and everything is just too hard. This is where fear and self doubt creep in. This takes you to:

Denial. You go into a state of self protection and filter the unpleasant reality out - you can't even remember what your original idea is about, your passion gets killed of and your actions are stalled. Your project stalls and starts to fade away....and this leads you to:

Looking for a new idea......

It's a vicious cycle - do you recognise it?

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