Up With This I Will Not Put!

It's a state of mind that you reach,

When you just can't take anymore!

You are frustrated and it doesn't feel good,

But it's a fanfare of change and energy,

That's a really high state of mind!

Great when you get there!

It means you are no longer willing to tolerate,

No longer willing to suffer,

No longer willing to pretend that it's just not good enough.

It means you are ready for change.

It means you are going to make the change happen.

....determined to make the change happen!

It's an affirmative, joyous statement of your personal power!

It's a warning to half lies, shaded truths, shonky situations and dodgy deals to get out of your space!

"Up with this I will not put!" is possibly the most awake you can be!

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