Lost your job?

I'm talking to the men who have lost their job here.

And if you know some man who has lost his job, share this with him.

There is a process he is going through.

It's a totally different process than what a woman goes through, because men have been trained to see their work differently than what a woman has been trained to.

So, if you are a man who has lost his job, there's a chance you won't get a lot of understanding from the women in your life - not because they are wrong or bad, just because they are different. And if you are providing for that woman, and she has a stake in that outcome, her reaction to you won't be about your process.

She will simply encourage you by whatever means she chooses, to get straight back into work again.

So, what's the process?

If you haven't embraced the change, or engineered the change or made the change happen, you will be going through a process very similar to the grief process. Not only that, you may be totally unprepared to market your transferable skills in a new work market place. And as well, you may not even have the skills or strategies of marketing yourself in this environment.

I'm sharing this with you, because I'm going to put some resources out there for this situation - it's in the form of a six week free webinar, it's designed to help men go through their process and at the end of the six weeks, be prepared to market themselves in a direction that they have chosen with strategies and skills of marketing in place.

Watch this space!

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