Heart Song.

Everyone comes here with a heart song.

It’s unique, special and it’s your gift to the world.

When you first get here, you never get judged for your heart song. People just adore you.

But when you are about one or two years old, suddenly the people around you, the ones charged with your care and sustenance, the ones who love you – they start to put you in a box – “You are good, you are bad, you are right, you are wrong, you are better than, you are less than.” This is the box that helps them make sense of the world – everything has to be either good/bad, right/wrong, better than/less than.

And after a while of this, you start to doubt your heart song, you start to see that it only causes you pain and sadness and you start to push your own heart song aside, so you can be accepted by the people who love you.

And when you do this, you become like everyone else, denying the truth of who you really are and pretending to be just like everyone else.

This is the path of sadness, of darkness and of despair.

Your heart song is the path of clarity, of truth and of passion. The people who choose to pretend and deny will never experience these states in their lives. That’s why they fight when they hear someone else’s heart song. They are remembering their own song underneath their sadness, their darkness and their despair. And that’s all that they have and they feel they must defend that…and so they do.

You hear heart songs in literature, art and music. You hear it in leader’s actions and words, you feel your own heart song in your lover’s embrace and when you face the truth.

We will never know George Bush's heart song - but how has Obama's heart song uplifted the world? Who would you rather be?

What is your heart song? What is your special gift to the world? What pathway is your heat song calling you to take off upon?

What’s it going to take to get you to stop worrying about what other people think about you and embrace who you really are?

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