The Eleventh Hour....

You know how it happens, it might even be happening to you right now.

At the 11th hour, things don't look like they are going to hang together, people you are relying upon, don't show up, events you are counting on, disappear into thin air...results you have been working so hard to achieve, slip through your fingers!

It just looks like what you want to happen is just not going to happen.


It's the 11th hour.

this is what happens.

It's just how it works sometimes - the 11th hour is all about your unfulfilled expectations - of how things will work, of who will help you make it work and what results will make it work.

You expect these things, and alas, they are not going to show up, then it's time to look for the unexpected.

Sometimes when you set a goal, make a plan and put all the work into it - you reach the 11th hour and things start not happening the way you thought it would - you have feelings....panic, doubt, fear and the temptation to bail out is at it's highest.

But it's exactly in the 11th hour that miracles just have to keep going, you have to keep your faith - you just have to keep pushing forward.

Your vision will sustain you at this time - hopefully you have been putting in the regular visualising and affirmation - that is always a great the 11th hour!

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