G-R-R-O-W from a consultant to become a Coach!

The G-R-O-W Formula,
a classic coaching tool - thanks to Sir John Whitmore!
A good trainer’s structure as well, could work really well
for leaders, salepeople, teachers, married people, parents - who really knows?

For a trainer, the intro can be like:
“What do you want to create out of this session”?
And then keep them in the tension of :

Setting the goal,
Using “G”questions
Until they get clear, and then,

Start holding them in the uncomfortable space of reality
With those great and frustrating
“R” questions – keep them
there in the hothouse as long as
you need to get
clarity, insights and responsibility – make them
feel their pain - who said a coach has to be nice
about it - open it up, make them face and squirm - it's good for them!

Its building the foundations for
when you lead them to:

the “O” questions – by
This time they will have
earned the space to
create options that relate to their
goals and their present situation.
The options will flow – always try
To generate a larger than comfortable
list of options, and when they think they
are finished, ask them:
“What else can you think of as an option?”

Toyota has the “Seven Whys” to
Squeeze out the juice of their staff's creativity,
You will have this relentless "Why" question
To capture the foundation for the last answer with the essence of a wide range of options.

…..When they are ready,
Lead them to the “W” state,
Ask them what Will they do? What actions
will they take...and when?!
When they make a decision, don’t
Leave it there - test it
With qualitative questions, relate
It to their objectives, their values
And their relationships – get them to examine
Their decision like a master would

You could run any training session, addressing any subject or issue, using this format. You will get more sales, better results and have more motivated teams following your lead.

You will be responsive to your group’s needs, Free flowing and Intuitive,
Utilizing a FORMAT, Empowering and Leading them to their Own Solutions.

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