Media Training AddsValue!

A new Trend in Communication!

Businesses everywhere are now placing videos on their websites that explain, promote and show their products and services. These videos are cheap and easy to host and give them
a competitive edge by communicating in person to their clients.

If you don't take advantage of this trend and continue to use the same bland content, then you will find yourself at the bottom of the pile.

You can learn these skills!
  • utilising Teleprompters

  • Microphone, Voice, Lighting, body language & camera techniques

  • How to plan & structure an interview

  • How to do a 3 minute video for a YouTube marketing program
Using the Media to Raise Your Profile

What happens if your company or you find yourself in the media spotlight for a positive reason? Or worst still, for a negative reason!

What will you say when someone sticks a mike in your face with a camera going? What will you do?

You want to deliver a powerful clear message - there's no room for umming and ahhrring - that's a negative message about you, your company and your products and services!

You don't want to be a George W. Bush!

Be an Obama! - have something important to say!

You can learn these skills!
Learn to be interviewed by the media.
Develop professional communicator's skills
Communicate with power and clarity.
Become masterful and prepared for interviews

Microphone, voice, body language skills

A successful 5 second ad-lib message
often takes hours to prepare
and is full of tricks of the trade!

Learn how to:

  • Express your passion and message clearly
  • Field questions like a pro!
  • Prepare interview strategies that get the results you want!
  • Use your image, body language and voice to add layers of depth to your message
  • Prepare and produce clear, succinct communications
  • Manage being interviewed in crisis and pressure situations
  • Manage being interviewed by a panel or a media conference

Who will benefit?

  • Business owners wanting the competitive edge of web videos

  • Business and government leaders who need to deal with, de-fuse and direct a hungry agressive news media looking to sensationalize bad news
  • People raising their public profile through the internet or the news media to move them into the fast lane of their business or cause

  • People who want an unfair advantage in their job interviews or any competitive interview situation they strongly desire to win

  • Leaders who have to deal with the threat of attack from a manipulative and intrusive media and who want their staff or teams to be "media savvy, ready, and aware!"

Every single one of us need to be able

to speak at one time or another!

You may have had done toastmasters, but have you had media training?

Are you ready to be interviewed?

Are you taking advantage of the mass marketing power of the internet?

Are you ready to step up your success as a communicator?

Media Training AddsValue - an important addition for your toolbox!

How can you learn these skills?

  • Webinar

  • MP3

  • Seminar

  • Invite Mike to your conference!

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