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quality of your results...and your life!

Your ability to communicate directly impacts the quality of your life, your work results, your business success and your relationships.

If you want improvements in these areas then increasing your ability to communicate successfully and persuasively with more people than ever before is essential for you stepping up to a new level of effectiveness.

If you don't improve your communication skills and continue to use the same old strategies and conversations, then you will find yourself not getting traction in your life and not being able to move to a new level of effectiveness - in short - how much do you want to improve your life?

How well do you communicate at work?

You might think you are a good communicator.

And that's great.

You are doing fine and being successful at the level of life that you are currently operating in.

But what happens when you move to the edge of your comfort zone, when you step up to a new level of operation, of interaction or of results?

Will your current set of skills create the successes you will need in a larger arena?

Will you be able to communicate to a greater number and diversity of people in such a way that they understand you and feel understood by you?

And what about conflict? What will you do when you find yourself in a conflict with a work colleague or client? And what will you do when you face a recurring conflict in your work relationships with your colleagues and business partners?

And will you be able to negotiate better when you create an environment of understanding and good will?

Communicating Skills that Work!
You can learn these skills:
  • How to communicate with up to 75% more people than you currently reach
  • How to listen and tune into the people you are communicating with
  • How to adapt your communications to suit your listener's unique communication style
  • How to transform difficult people into people who are grateful for your understanding and rapport
  • How to influence and guide people persuasively
  • How to use the stick and the carrot of motivation like never before!

Love is not enough
- people who love each other
divorce all the time!

What happens if your partner or spouse doesn't understand you or you both keep having unproductive and destructive discussions?

What will you say when you want your partner to feel loved and valued by you?

Don't you want to have great relationship and clear communication with your significant partner? Isn't it a waste of both of your times to be stuck in un-resourceful cycles and destructive misunderstandings?

How great do you want your intimate relationships to be?

You can learn these skills!
  • Understanding how males and females communicate differently and use new strategies for getting your message across
  • Understanding how each member of your family communicates and adapting to their way of hearing

  • Identifying each member of you family's love language and giving them what they really, really want from you!

  • Understand destructive cycles that males and females get on and choose to transform them

Who will benefit?

  • Couples who want to have a loving, dynamic and supportive relationship

  • Business people and leaders who need to communicate effectively to diverse numbers of people
  • People moving into the fast lane of their business or personal lives

  • People who want an unfair advantage in their lives
Every single one of us
need to be continually improving
our communication!

You may have be a good communicator, but what would your life and the results you produce look like if you improved your ability to communicate?

Are you ready to improve your communication?

Are you adapting what you say to the people you are speaking with or do you just open your mouth and say the same thing the same way to everyone?

Are you ready to step up your success as a communicator?

Communication Skills AddsValue - an important addition for your personal and professional toolbox!

How can you learn these skills?
  • Webinar

  • MP3

  • Seminar

  • Invite Mike to your conference!

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