A meeting is a conversation with an agenda.

....and if you are in business, the agenda of each meeting needs to be clearly identified and linked into a clearly defined and structured objective.

A conversation without an agenda can go anywhere and worst still, nowhere.

A business meeting always needs to be going somewhere, preferably in the direction of a pleasurable end result - hopefully a mutually beneficial, rewarding end result.

Which doesn't mean that the conversation needs to be contrived, cold, clinical or without warmth and joy.

Certainly not.

It just needs a clearly defined and refined agenda that moves the conversation gently toward the pleasurable end result, toward a sale, a clear and well thought through agreement or a mutually advantageous relationship. (1+1=11!)

Generally speaking a conversation usually develops a relationship. In business, especially in a competitive environment, strong relationships with your clients, suppliers and potential clients gives you an unfair head start over your competitors......and that's not a bad thing at all.

So ladies and gentlemen, time to brush off your social skills and develop your manners (your people skills that enable you to make people feel wonderful when they are around you), time to identify the people who will help you achieve your goals and then pick up the phone and book a time to meet with them.

Before the meeting, review your goal and where you have progressed to on the pathway to achieving your goal. Then set an agenda for your meeting that will move you closer to your goal.

The result of that meeting will determine how closer you are to your goal.

After the meeting, measure and define the result of the meeting and define what you need to do to move yourself closer to achieving your goal - write them a thank you letter and post it as soon as possible.

A meeting really is just a conversation with an agenda.

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