Steve Jobs

Another thought about what we read and hear about on the mainstream media is Steve Job's reply to a reporter when asked about his medical condition. (see article here)

He said: "Why don't you guys leave me alone? - Why is this important?"

And in the big scheme of things, it really is none of our business. This man of amazing talents and achievements, a man who has shaped our contemporary lives with his ideas, products and innovations, really just needs to face his situation with privacy and dignity.

But doesn't the story change if you are a shareholder in Apple? Wouldn't you like to know what's in store for this key player in your investment?

The point I'm making is that this to a main stream media outlet is just another bit (or bite) of news - ripe for disseminating to attract people's attention to whatever the advertisers are pushing.

Another point I want to make relates to how we humans are voyeuristic in nature and news broadcasters cater to this lowest common denominator part of us by feeding us graphic war coverage, accident reports and a constant stream of celebrity drama.

Where you you want to drink from? (Intellectually speaking)

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