Obama's speech - what does it mean for the world? - What does it mean for you?

What did you think about Obama's speech?

How did it heal you?

What went "Clunk!" for you?

What does it mean for you as a leader, a business person, an agent of change?

What does it mean for that special something you have to contribute to the world?

What does it mean for you, if this conversation Obama has started, spreads throughout the world? What if a Tsunami of selfless contribution begins to build momentum?

What if indeed, at this time in the world, at this time of connectedness through technology, the internet and the media, and at this time of our group consciousness, that Obama has captured the vision of common good and selfless contribution? What will that mean for all of us if we begin to act and speak in this direction?

Yesterday in the states was Martin Luther King's birthday.

Yesterday in Australia and New Zealand was my birthday! Today in America, it's my birthday!

I spent my morning of my birthday walking and reflecting on my life. And the parts of my life that I'm the most proud of so far are in the areas of my contribution to others.
I am delighted that I continue to put food on the table and that the mortgage and the bills get paid....that is one of my contributions for my family and my society.

But my greatest treasures so far in my life lie in the differences I make with people in their lives. It's never comfort that gives me satisfaction - strangely enough, it's when I take the hard path. When I forget about my own conveniences and sometimes personal safety, it's then that fulfillment pours into my life.

As a husband, it's always when I step out and support my wife, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, that I taste the best in life.

As a father, and any parent would know this, the sacrifices I make for my boy Ted, unleash joy and meaning in my life that far outweighs the cost.

At work, if I step outside of my comfort zone, that's when the real work happens, where massive change and incredible insights happen.

So what if everything I'm reading about in amazing people's blogs about selfless giving is really a trend, that is building strength?
Check out Zen Habit's recent post and Trend Spotters most recent report. If people are writing things like this on mass in the internet world - what influence will this have in a world where our leaders are giving us permission to make a difference by their own words and examples?
The other night, John Keys, the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, finished a speech and tripped and fell on the stairs as he left the podium. He broke his wrist in this incident. He got straight up and shook hands and kissed babies like a real pro. Not only that, he went to another meeting and shook hands with macho rugby stars and administrators. Ouch! He didn't let on! Our leaders are leading by their example and the example is that the individual's contribution is what is important, not their individual comfort.

Last night I attended a conference with a CEO from a multinational company. They are embracing change and are looking for new ways to do things in their business. I asked the question "Do you want to hear the many ideas and ways of improving things from the rank and file of your organisation? Are you serious about listening to them? And if so, what are the lines of communication?" The CEO publicly endorsed their commitment to considering all ideas for improvement and charged the NZ regional manager to listen and gather this information. They have to take our ideas seriously now - it's come from the top!

What if, in the face of the incredibly complex world we find ourselves in, that the only way to move forward is to join together and help each other forward?

Certainly this principle works for me in my life - that is plain for me to see.

And certainly as I observe my coaching and training clients in action - I can see this principle moving in their lives.

What if indeed, that what has worked in the past is now out of date, irrelevant and ineffective? What if the way forward for us all as a species means that we think and act for the collective good instead of individual gain and greed?

I hear the cynicism of the mainstream media - that things can't possibly change, that this is all empty hype.

My take on this is that Change is happening. It's happening faster than ever and it continues to build momentum. The mouthpieces of the status quo simply can't and won't be able to cope with it or be able to slow it down.

Viva! Change! I say - Viva! VIVA!
We are now flying, not falling!

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