WARNING! Watching this Post's Videos will release the Death Grip that "You, Worrying about what other people Think of you" has on you.

It's cynical.

It's smart.

It's really you worrying about what people will think about you.

It'll turn every magnificent sunset into "ho hum."

It'll take every inspiring dream and get you to think "Why Bother?"

It's your fear of exposure, of humiliation, shame - your fear that everything will come tumbling down.

It steals your emotion and gives you a constant numbing disappointment that keeps you in a holding pattern of safe, predictable behaviour.

It destroys hope, secretly funds fear and grows on hearing other people's misfortunes.

And it's grown to such a size and has become such a lie, that you are actually living the life of someone else, doing the things that someone else would do, even wearing someone else's clothes!

It lives in our newspapers, the gossip columns and the catwalk.

It struts on our TV screens big and bold and confident with little asides and snide jokes from our news readers.

And we laugh along, not too loud to attract attention, our act of "Cool" that pretends our captors are our friends...

It justifies itself so it can tear down what shreds of hope and belief in themselves that people have left.

It's biggest weakness is that it takes itself so seriously - it believes it's own press. The biggest threat to it is....laughter.

Deep, thigh slapping, rib hurting laughter.

Liberating, rolling on the ground, tears coming out of your eyes and not caring what people think about you laughter.

Endless waves peeling off from nowhere type of laughter.

Laughing, giggling, spluttering, gasping, holding your sides merriment!

Falling off your chair, contagening everyone in the room laughter - in fact - rooms full of people laughing, pointing their fingers at each other, tears flowing down their cheeks laughing....

..........when you laugh, this stuff has no control on you...and when you have stopped, cynicism's hold on you has been loosened.

You now no longer give a stuff what people think about you!


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