Giving Feedback Without Destroying Confidence!

Giving Feedback.

Not many people know how to do that well.

Receiving Feedback.....

.....Sometimes makes you decide to never try the task ever again!

Maybe we need a technique to help us to give feedback that will make a positive difference to whoever receives it?

Imagine: If you could give feedback, that doesn't demotivate, that communicates what could be improved, and that the person hearing the feedback....actually does something about it - wouldn't that be great?

You could Try:

  1. Put yourself in the space of wanting the best for the person, to help them improve their performance without offending or demotivating them.

  2. Ask them if you could have a chat with them about something you just noticed when you were watching them perform their task.

  3. Tell them what you saw them do - don't make them wrong - just tell them how they did it.

  4. Ask them if you could give them a point for improvement.

  5. If they say yes, describe the improved behaviour patten to them.

  6. Explain to them how this would improve their performance - state the benefit of this improvement to them. Focus on the improvement, not on whatever they are doing wrong.

  7. If possible, ask them to perform the task again slowly, using the recommended improved behaviour pattern.

  8. Ask them how it felt doing this.

  9. Ask them to try it again.

  10. Ask them how it felt doing this. Help them improve their performance.

  11. Encourage them and thank them for allowing you to give them feedback

Keep Practicing this - Good Luck!

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