Micro Change.

You know, instead of launching into a full blown change of habit, some people find the art of making micro change a more productive way of changing behaviour.

A micro change is doing two minutes of yoga a day instead of an hour a day three days a week. It's saving $1 a day instead of saving $100 a week. It's like eating an elephant - you need to get used to the taste of elephant before you can even take a decent bit of it!

So, if you are finding it hard to get traction on starting a new habit, whether it be anything from weight loss to fitness, adopt microchange as a strategy.

The trick is, to have regular, consistent, micro actions, that like a dripping tap, eventually have a much larger effect on your life.

What can you apply this to in your life, that you have been unable to apply in the larger habit cycles?

As Nike says - just do it!

As the old Chinese saying says - the journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step.

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4 x 2 said...

Good stuff Mike, I'm actually doing it with exercising (slowly but surely) and it works like a charm!