A Coach, or, A Friend.

A coaching relationship
wIth a client
Is so close
So responsive
And so successful
That it’s easy
To get it confused with

- Buyer Beware!

You are only a friend when you have
developed a two way relationship,
a history of and an agreement to giving and receiving.

Coaching is a one way relationship.

The coach is doing all of the giving
Of space, of listening and of having belief and faith.

The coach is creating all of this.
The coach is making it all work.

The coach is also bound to keep everything in confidence,
To working for the client’s agenda.

Such a relationship is very close and very warm,
But is in no way a friendship.
Although, for the client, it has great and significant advantages over a freindship.

There is a way to discover this for yourself as a coach....if you want to learn by hurt, humiliation and embarrassment,
Then you will see how much of a friendship you really have.

a coach is a coach.
a friend is a friend.

There is a distinction there.
An important one for both client and coach.

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