Celebration as a Success Tool!

Something that creates a completion, joy,a
SHARING of our achievement and a
Psychological State of Reward.

Most of us forget to celebrate
Achievement, Breakthroughs and Completions

Therefore we miss out on the UNTAPPED GOLDMINE
That celebration releases from within us.

Firstly when we celebrate, we create a positive and powerful feeling of recognised achievement.

This very pleasurable experience forms an image of yourself as someone indeed who has succeeded, accomplished, overcame all obstacles and who is someone to be contended with.

Do this and you set a precendent, you create and reinforce an Emotional Anchor that will give you a positive state of expectation of success for your next projects.

Not only that,
when you set your self a goal,
work out how you are going to CELEBRATE it
and you will find the anticipation will
unconsciously drive you towards your goal.

Anthony Robbins
Likes you to think very clearly about the Pleasurable End Result and at the same time to think very clearly about the DREADED CONSEQUENCES of staying the same and not doing any thing – he calls that
the Stick and THE CARROT.

Whatever you do, a celebration is a reward that is at the same time, a tool you can use to stimulate you to move forward towards your goal

...Why not start using it that way?

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