Writing a vision...

Writing a vision is an amazing process.

You just can't write one in one draft - there's an editing process you need to go through to capture what you really value and to make sure you have included everything. I always think of those stories where people ask the Devil or some mischievious supernatural being for a wish....and the wish gets granted but the result is always skewed and not what the wisher intended. It's really important to get your vision right - so spend the time on it!

The thin line
Between, at the end of things,
To say: “I forgot to include……my family, my friends, my wife, fun, my mother and father…whatever…”
Or to say: “I’ve had a great time in all areas of my life – no regrets!”

The thin line is there all the time,
So easy to drift over to, without even knowing,
The important things – the real important things,
Left out, forgotten, neglected, not even thought about

Like those rockets they send to the moon
Off track 97% of the time,
The only thing that gets them to their end
Is the Constant Corrections to get them back on track.

You and I are like rockets,
Lots of drive and lots of thrust
Pointing in the right direction is never enough
It’s the weekly review & corrections,
That get us there in the end.

If we don’t correct, every week we get further away from our targets
Drive and motivation is never enough.
Review and focus and the strength to admit when you are off course
Is what’s needed to get it right and stay on the right side of….
..the thin line.

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