Have you got a 30 year vision?

Recently, I wrote myself a thirty year vision.

I got the idea from the doctor telling me that my Downes Syndrome son is aging about twice as fast as a normal child and was probably going to have a 50 year life span.

This of course threw me into an emotional state and I went away to think about it and was looking for the opportunity in this.

Ever since my son was born, I was thinking about how I could care for him once I was dead. It's a parent thing - you just don't think anyone else will take care of your kid! I'd never thought about life after my death - in fact I never liked thinking about my death anyway! But I often worried about this - I hear that this is something that a lot of parents do.

Suddenly I thought - I just have to live longer than my son! I think this is possible! I'm 53 now, my son is 11 - I just have to live another 39 years and I've nailed it - he will be taken care of!

And so, I am planning to live to 92 years of age. My mother is gearing up for her 90th birthday next month and looks like she's going strong! So I have the genes! I also read recently that if you get past 45 in the western world, you have successfully avoided the big killers and have a good chance of living a long life.

I'd just read over Chrismas, a fantastic book called "Avoid Retirement and Live!" by David Bogan and Keith Davies - which had inspired me to develop some tools to help people create an amazing life after retirement.

I had built this fantastic tool that helped you write a thirty year vision, sitting in my tool file, awaiting a test run.

So I jumped into the process, turned it on and took it for a spin.

It took off - my hair was plastered back - my heart was pumping - this was an amazing process!

I raced thirty years forward. What state do I want my body to be in? I asked myself. I want to be fit, flexible and healthy I wrote - I quickly raced back to the here and now and made a mental note about starting yoga and seeing a naturapath. Having done this, I raced back thirty years ahead.

What state do I want my mind to be in? Absolute clarity - sharp as a tack - still learning every day - engaging people in challenging conversations - Wow! I raced back to now and made a mental note about ginko biloba and ginseng and mental disciplines. Having done this I raced back thirty years.

And so on through all the different areas of my 83rd year, I raced back and forth through time.

I started to notice, that I'd worn a track in time that linked my future with my now. I could recognise milestones, I could see into my future! This was amazing!!!

My life has indeed since writing this vision, turned from a sprint, into a marathon. I am seeing the challenges I face now in a totally different context. I never expected these outcomes.

But what I wanted has also turned out. I now have a map, a plan and a checklist of actions I need to make now and in the future, to create a future life that I love.

This is the power and the result that writing a satisfying and fulfilling vision can deliver.

If you want a copy of the process, ask me by email on addsvalue@xtra.co.nz and I'll send you one. You might even know someone who is freaking out about retiring - Clarity always leads you to your power.

And if this inspires you to write a 30 year vision, let me know how you go! I'd love to hear about it!

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