How a coaching session works...

At the end of the coaching session, I sat down to write a summary of the amazing hour I'd just spent with my client.

It struck me that I had been observing a master in action - my client absolutly amazed me with their engagment of their intuition, their use of their experience to balance their judgements and their absolute passion, focus and clarity!

And this happens to me in one way or another, with every session I have with all of my clients!

I'm begining to think, that a master exists in all of us....an absolute master, whose powers are awesome, whose capabilties are untapped and who pulls things together that are impossible for those of us operating in normal consciousness...

I see brillant ideas, courageous decisions, confident steps forward in the face of certain failure, that manifest in unprecedented sucesses, fantastic outcomes and huge steps made in the direction of achieving their goals.

I'm now looking for my own inner master, searching for my own magic, my own miracle within, my own Genius......

John Demartini gave one of my clients in a recent workshop, a tool to unlock the genius in their child - My client went straight from the workshop to be with his son, masterfully used what he learnt in the seminar and immediatly had a huge breakthrough in communicating with his son.

Geoff Wake (Wake up Geoff!), geoff@gwake.co.nz, sent me some great materials about his techniques of waking up that master within!

This demonstrates that there is a body of knowledge that recognises and unlocks our master within.

There's a plethora of knowledge about this out there. And I'm going to explore it all further.

Because every session with a client I have, shows me their master dancing in their lives - I'm always seeing the Master in Action!

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