Why have a Addsvalue Coach?

I've been thinking about how Narcisist saw his reflection in the lake and fell in love with it and couldn't bear to move from his reflection.

There are so many disciplines out there, psychotherapudic, counselling and transformational, where by focusing internally on the causes of your behaviours, you gain understanding and strengthen your choice in the matter.

I love the way the coaching model get's Narcisist to take his mind off his reflection and put it onto an inspiring quest, task or goal.

Finding yourself in your endeavours, overcoming your neuroses in action - Being on the trot in relentless passionate pursuit of a goal you love and believe in - sounds much more exciting to me than being stuck on the shores of the lake obsessing about your self.

Not that these disciplines have no value - at the right time and for the right person, they are the most effective way to initiate transformational change.

But certainly they are not the fix-all tool for our very mobile and urgent lifestyles.

Viva!! - the pursuit of worthy and inspiring goals!! VIVA!

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