Changing your strategy to be resourceful


It is the Face we give the world, it is the Identity we create and our
Strategy of Survival we use to Protect Ourselves with.
It is our Persona, our Mask, the way we Control life.
It is not who we are, although we often forget that.

So, if you are strongly identifying with your Image, you are
probably labouring under a False Assumption,
an assumption that underlies all of your thinking,
that Influences your “logic” and Creates your Reality.

For example, if your strategy involves you seeing yourself as being “Nice”, then you might want to consider that all manner of Atrocities against individuals and humanity have also been committed by people,
convinced of their own innate “Nice-ness” .....just like you.

And if around you, people are feeling Hurt, Disrespected and like there is a Dagger in their back, you might want to check, that even if the knife belonged to someone else, the finger prints on it, could belong to you…..

You know; you were there, you were the one who was talking to them at the time, you may even have some legitimate unexpressed grievance……

This may be true, and, if it is - you would want to know about it…..wouldn’t you?

And what if they were your prints? And what if you have been unconsciously doing this stuff, without even knowing? What can you do about it?

You can take responsibility for your actions, take charge
of your unconscious motivations.
You can choose a more resourceful way of dealing with your feelings.
You could look to creating a fantastic future, and let go of the past….
It’s like waking up, taking charge and moving forward……It’s all up to you.

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