New Beginings

Hi there,

This is my new start.

I have just burnt the contents of two filing cabinets full of seminars I have run, and materials I have been saving for God knows what. I used to call the contents of those cabinets - "My Life's Work".

Since doing this, I first felt energised and elated. Then came a half day of grief. After that, I've been embracing the internet, searching for new knowledge, filling up my newly emptied mind.

I feel free to explore and am hungry for new knowledge. I no longer have any position to defend.

I'm also ready to share my work with you! After 25 years of working with people to enable business and personal transformation, I have found a way to just talk with you...directly! I don't know what that's going to look like, but I'm excited!

My question right now is:"what is a blog?"

And right now, it looks like a way to have a conversation with you that will make a difference!

After reading "Eve's Bite" by Ian Wishart, I have started to share my opinions...un-characteristically so. It's not a trainer or a coach's job to share opinion - at least I've never seen it like that.

So, here I begin to share myself with you - thanks for logging on! ....and hopefully, you'll find enough here to become a regular visitor!

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Deb Robertson Writes said...

Congratulations Mike on finally entering the web world!! Will be checking back to see what words of wisdom you have to say!!