The Best Coaching Happens when... Topic # 3:

When you are in your own Integrity.

You are then able to appreciate the Integrity of your client's Being.

Having respect for your clients Being and their unlimited capability,

Sets you free from your own limited thinking.

The only way you can do this is by maintaining your own integrity rigorously.

This is all about how you conduct your life inside and outside of your coaching sessions. 

It's about how you live your life.

When you are in your own integrity, your world view is very different than when you are sloppy and loose with your integrity. 

When you are in your own integrity, your quality of your listening and the quality of your respect line up with who you are.

You then come from your own "Sweet Spot" in whatever you do - especially when you coach.

The quality of your listening and the quality of your respect are rocket fuel for your clients.

Being a coach is similar to any discipline that requires integrity.

Integrity gives you wings.

Being out of your integrity, is like carrying lead weights and wondering why you can't fly.


This is my 1,000th post on this blog.

I'm so pleased that my 1000th post is about integrity.  It's so very apt.

My journey with my own personal integrity is like the post: walking on the Samurai Sword.

This very personal blog, born out of my passion and fascination for the coaching experience and process, has given me the best learning experience I could have asked for, in that it forced me to express and articulate what actually happened in countless coaching sessions since March 2008. 

Very much like Neale Donald Walsch, I couldn't  wait to see what I would write next.  It was sometimes like I wasn't writing it at all.

It's made me a better coach, a better trainer of coaches and a better, more conscious person.

There are some special people to thank for this.

Much thanks to Deb Robertson for encouraging me to start back in 2008. Thanks to Dwayne Francks for contributing generously his creative genius as well as challenging my thinking.  Thanks to Rose for believing in me, especially when I stopped believing in me.  Thanks to my son Ted who teaches me patience and love every day. Thanks to all the bloggers who inspire me, especially Seth Godin as well as Chris Guillebeau (who I actually got to meet).  Thanks for all my clients who have taught me so much and allowed me to contribute to them.  Thanks to my parents Ted and Nell for giving me a start in life and also a start in my chosen career along with my brother Wes.  Thanks to my amazing warrior sister Colleen, who has fought for me and protected me all my life and thanks for all my ancestors who keep egging me on.

The two main lessons I've learnt from these 1000 posts is about:
  • The journey of the Human and the Being 
  • How our integrity is our only hope from the prison of our limited and habitual thinking.
Life, indeed begins at the edge of our comfort zones.

Thanks for visiting us here. Get to know clarity. Email me, Mike Kennedy...

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