Which is the best way to run when you see a crowd of Lemmings?

New Zealand news media reported a South Auckland Supermarket
advertising for 142 jobs in their new business.

They had prepared for and expected up to 1,000 people, but the crowd swelled to 2,000 with the process running out over a three day period.

What's the advice for job seekers?

Don't go anywhere near that queue!

You see - there is simply just too much competition there! You have very little chance of success pitting yourself against such odds - if you do - prepare for the inevitable "Sorry, you didn't make it" email, letter or TXT.

From your point of view - answering advertised job vacancies sucks - your time, your energy, you CV's and is probably not such a great place to find your job!

Truth is, any employer who advertises in the paper will have a huge response - no matter what the job. They will instantly have a big problem in time and expense. They usually deal with this by either contracting it out to a Recruitment firm or they will send their feelers out the the "Hidden Job Market" (google that term - you'll find heaps of articles about how to explore and farm the hidden job market)

From the employer's point of view - employing someone is a difficult process to manage in the mass media so they look elsewhere for their staff.

Better you spend your precious time wisely and put together a smart search for a job you really, really want and be one of the few - if not the only one to score on the hidden job market.

Sometimes the best actions to take when everyone else is in fear and panic is to do the opposite of what they are doing!

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