It was You!

While most others are looking for quick fixes in self help and answers from "experts" - you have gone out and listened to yourself - you thought it all through - you came up with your own brilliant strategies and put them into action!

You were amazing!

You are stronger and smarter now, you did it by yourself - you utilised me to help you open up and keep the conversation with yourself going and flowing!

You have found your own pathway - unique and probably valuable to others looking for a way through - you could become a Sherpa, a mentor or a guide to help people do what you have done!

You are wiser than ever now. You discovered your own resources, trusted your gut and delivered your results. You know yourself better and how this old game works!

You have found the missing pieces of the puzzle and your vision is becoming clear into being.

I am blown away by you - who you are and what you do!

I get to see the birth of thought and insights in your sessions - you ride on their back to create actions and victories I sometimes never get to see!

So I'm writing to you to let you know that I know that you did it - with your own wisdom and your own courage and your own was you!

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esmile said...

ok,nice to read your articles.However we share it together in future