You really do Matter!

On Saturday evening, after a meal at a friends home, we were coming back home when my wife, Rose complained of a pain in the heart.

I took it seriously and went straight to Auckland emergency hospital.

They took her seriously and booked her in for treatment and observation. This started me off on the emotional rollercoaster of worry and fear....something I often write about how to handle - Phewie!

When you are on it again, it's faster and harder and more brutal than ever - Maintaining my awareness that it's all my past griefs and losses banging into me like railway carriages in a train that's hitting the brakes hard - it even affected my driving!

But anyhow, all turned out well, it was just indigestion, Rose came home but despite that, I was still on the rollercoaster, still feeling feelings I just didn't want to!

Anyhow, I certainly value Rose and everyone around me a lot more consciously and I have much, much more compassion for you as you go through your roller coaster rides! .........

and then I read the wonderful Seth Godin's post today - check it out!

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