2000 years ago, Socrate was asking questions.....

That's who we aspire to be like.

To help people find their answers within.

Tim Gallwey and Sir John Whitemore are our pioneers, reinventing the question as the modern form of Socratic coaching.

About three decades ago and before Tim Gallwey, golf was coached mostly on technique. There was a "perfect swing" and you did everything you could to emulate, copy and model this swing.

Then Tim started the process of asking golfers questions and raising their awareness of thier golf swing. People started developing their own unique swing that started producing great results for them.

He defined coaching as: "Unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

This contradicts the behaviorist's view that we are little more than empty vessals into which everything has to be poured. The new model suggest that we are more like the acorn - which contains within itself, the potential to be a magnificent oak tree.

So how do you see yourself?

Are you an empty vessal waiting for expert knowledge to fall into you and solve all your problems and achieve all your goals?

Or are you unlimited potential, waiting to unleash your wisdom, creativity, courage and passion at every challenge you face?

I know how I see you.

Which view empowers you and which one disempowers you?

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