We all need Visions to Navigate our Progress Moving Forward!

Today, Barack Obama announced to the world that he has a vision of a nuclear free world future.


And he said that he was a pragmatist and that this might not happen in our lifetime, but that was his vision.

And it's obvious to me that all leaders, all people, need a vision, to rise above the present circumstances and thinking. To Navigage and live their lives in accordance to fulfilling the inspiring and positive vision.

And that you can have a vision for every area of your life.

In fact, if you don't have a vision for every area of your life - guess what?

- You don't have something to navigate yourself by and you don't have something that can help you rise above your present circumstances.

Let's list a couple of areas you might find that, having a vision about that, could be very, very useful.
  • Your Business

  • Your Marriage

  • Your Kids

  • Your Relations

  • Your Friends

  • Your Fun

  • Your Government

  • Your Local Council

  • Your Community

  • Your Neighbours

  • Your Hobbies

  • Your Holidays

  • Your Education

  • Your Personal Development

  • Your Personal Health & Fitness

  • Your Spiritual Life

  • Your Creative Life

  • Your Social Life

  • Your Travel Agenda

  • Your Ideal Home

  • Your Ideal Financial Position

  • Your Ideal Job

  • Your Ideal Lifestyle

  • Your Ideal Investment Portfolio

I don't want to overwhelm you, but it's amazing how having a vision makes such a significant difference to whatever area of life that you have one in.

I do hope that Barack Obama has some other visions in other areas of his life - All work and saving the world with no play makes a dull boy of Jack!

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