...and the healing has begun.

Paul and Ringo Performed yesterday for a Transcendental Meditation Fund Raiser.

And you look at these two sharp and clear looking dudes compared to these young men of their pasts - people used to comment about their hair styles - I reckon the hair was a red herring to draw attention from their shagged out looking eyes.

......and why wouldn't they?

After all, they were the early adopters of this amazing technique and made it famous with their trips to Marrakesh to visit with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
In fact, this was the beginning of our generation having alternatives to the narrow belief systems of a materialistic mainstream culture and the dominant religious institutions. Things are a-changing now though!

It was Buddha's birthday on last Sunday and our local huge Buddhist Monastery had a multi cultural/religious festival event and invited everyone to participate. The place is like a spiritual Powerhouse sitting in the suburbs - things are a-changing.
We saw Brian Tamaki the other day. He's a bishop who you could easily imagine fitting in with a biker group just as easily as a congregation - Bennie Hinn heals people on TV, side by side, channel by channel with fellow passionate evangelists, sharing messages of hope and love.....things are really a-changing!

The other day, I was in a business meeting and I asked the person who I was meeting with, where he came from. He told me he was a tourist, that he was inhabiting this body temporarily. He told me he was an eternal spirit. Then he asked for my business card and said he could use me to grow his staff ........Things are a-changing!

Barack Obama shares his vision, I have old clients ringing me up saying that they miss having someone to tell how great their lives are going, Dr Phil has conversations on TV about how to help your kids through gender confusion and Oprah interviews beautiful looking cancer survivors! Go figure - things are really a-changing!

People are changing. They are talking about different things now. People can see what doesn't work anymore and there's an openness out there with people looking for what does work now. People are willing to try things they would have never considered before, because they need something that works.

It's an amazing time, sometimes confusing, sometimes challenging, sometimes delightful, sometimes joyous!

If you have been noticing things have changed - welcome to the roller coaster of 2009!

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