This is for all you coaches!

I made an amazing distinction of coaching that I've just found in some writings in 2006. I thought you might find this useful - even if you aren't a coach.

After I made this distinction, my business grew significantly.

The quality of my coaching immediately stepped up to a new level.

I started to attract clients who were serious and committed to success. I also started saying "No" to people who only played lip service to success.

The distinction is:

"The Coach as Toilet Bowl”

This is where the coach is used by people who are in meltdown or some sort of emergency and they just need to dump and process their way to some sort of equilibrium.

There is no moving forward consistently, it’s just another top up, another quick fix – another hit to make themselves feel better…temporarily.
C'mon! Be honest! You have some of these in your portfolio of clients - I call them "Claytons Clients"!

And this sort of work, I used to jump at (especially if I was unknowingly in "rescue" mode)– I used to hope that it would turn into a full time client – I used to think that this would pathway to something constructive.

And in some cases, it probably will, with you coaching the business and keeping that moving forward.

But what I saw back then was that hoping to get a commitment from such a client to fit into a rigorous and demanding process that leads them to goals that they will do anything to achieve… a lost cause.

And that clearly for me, being a toilet bowl is not what I want to be with my clients.

I know, I'm being blunt, but you guys will have to face up to this one sooner or later. It's costing you time, money and your self respect, not to mention your professional reputation. Who wants to be known as a toilet?

…I also know that it’s part of the work of Masters - and they do it patiently and graciously.

But especially in the case of the Dalai Lama, he has bigger fish to fry in his lifetime. Don't you?

I’m creating a sustainable business with long term clients who are playing a big, responsible game - chasing goals that inspire me and them. I have conversations that lead to actions and results.
I have structures and information that enable people to transform their businesses, their careers and their personal lives. I will only work with people who are serious about moving ahead. People who will do anything to achieve their goals!

....and having said all of that, if I ever find myself being a toilet coach.....I know that's what I'm choosing to be at that time. (Bugger!)
And with my awareness that, that is my choice - I have renounced the option of complaining about it! (Oh no!)

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