Mike's Training CV

Hi! My name is Mike Kennedy.

I've just returned to live in Sydney after working 14 years in New Zealand.

Here's some of the training skills I have to offer and some of the training projects I've been privileged to be part of.

  • Analysing performance problems

  • Setting measurable objectives

  • Training design

  • Training Delivery

  • Competency Based Training design, delivery & assessment

  • Enterprise Training design, delivery & assessment

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Communication


Since 1984 I've been a passionate trainer who has been given a number of extraordinary opportunities to work as;
  • Firstly in a professional capacity of offering my own workshop called : "DressU2Win!" - the workshop educated people in how to communicate powerfully through their clothes, how to use their goals to make clothing purchases and how to break through their limiting self beliefs around how successful they could be, how wealthy they could be and how attractive they could be. This workshop has been running since then both in Australia and New Zealand in a variety of forms.

  • And also as a Media Trainer, helping people in leadership positions, plan and deliver media interviews with a Sydney company called Image Media. I started as the in house "Image Consultant" and then was trained to deliver training on how to handle "Media Conferences" where you were questioned from a variety of reporters, "Media Crisis es" where you had to deal with news interviews with the company's credibility at stake

  • As a Stress and Change Management Trainer for Sydney Electricity - delivering courses to help staff on all levels deal with massive change and downsizing

  • As a Course Writer for RailCorp -interviewing Subject Matter Experts, designing, validating and testing Competence Assurance Assessments to help maintain skill and knowledge levels in critical areas of station operation.

  • As a Career Trainer working with professionals and skilled workers, delivering practical courses with employment outcomes. Worked with SkillShare company in Sydney and Nowra and ITEC in Sydney. In New Zealand I worked with Morgan & Banks, Auckland New Venture and Mahi Ora

  • As a Coach Trainer with Results Life Coaching (Aus) and Results in Business (NZ)

  • As a Communication Trainer with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants

  • I have a strong Competency Based Training approach and have worked with promoting and implementing Work Based Training in industry in the Auckland area, being employed by the New Zealand Government in their Education Training and Support Agency. This work required me to utilize my skills of thorough needs assessment, training design and delivery in the process of rigorously evaluating training quality and results.

  • As a Enterprise Trainer running a pilot program using Paul Kearney's amazing Enterprise Learning techniques with ITEC in Sydney.
I have worked with a variety of Service and Manufacturing industries and I've been working with a large primary producer of vegetables for the last three years.

I have bucket loads of faith in Human Potential and that we can indeed continuously improve our lives and our business enterprises!

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