Times are tough - we need to find ways to help each other.

I have been conducting inteviews,

with people old enough to survive a depression,

..and a war and I ask them this question:

How did you get through it? What was your secret of survival?

And they all think about it and say:

"People stuck together - we helped each other whenever we could.

People formed communities - we shared what we had,

We made our own fun - people were closer then...."

Made me think, hearing this again and again.

How can I help people in my community?

What can I give freely? Do people even know that I want to give?

So, how can you help people in your community?

What can you give freely? How can you let people know that you want to give?

I have clarity to give. I have processes to give. I have expertise to share.

If you need some of that, give me a call and I'll see how I can help you.

If you hear of someone who could use some of what you have to give - call them and see if you can help them.

Maybe we could even make some of this fun our elders have always talked about!

Email Mike...

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