The Interview.

Always the agenda in the interview is the search for the best fit.

and it's a dance.

It's a dance, formal and predictable, with moments that transcend, an emotional roller coaster, set on rails, that's different every time.

and the dance first begins in your mind...

When you grapple to understand what the other party wants and needs,

And when that's clearly in your mind,

you start to grapple whether its a good fit for you and why.....

And when that's clearly in your mind,

It's time for the interview - that formal dance with clearly defined steps:

The icebreaker, the probing questions and maybe even a scenario or two....

....and you can prepare for that.

But then there's those points in the dance....where the wallpaper peels off,

the table shakes and the chairs start to float around the room

Both the interviewer and the interviewer transcend the polite and predictable,

The gloves are off, everything is loose and wild, .....difficult things are said

that everyday politeness and protocol excludes,

The agenda stands naked and proud and shouts "is this really a good fit between you and I?!! Do we really want to risk working with you?"

Truths laid out, half truths and any unreal personal expectations lie wilted on the ground,

The two parties naked under the flickering fluorescent light - all is obvious, sometimes for an instant... nothing else matters to either party - except what is true or not....

Cold Clear reality, fit or no fit, yes or no, can we develop you or no hope of growth at all.... do I really want to work with these people or not?

....and then the mundane, the polite and the reasonable reality snaps back into place,

You hear the muffled sound of the protocol, gently but firmly guiding the interview to a close,

You feel the press of flesh in your hand and see the door coming close as you find yourself leaving the room,

to enter that waiting room of uncertainty, it's all in God's hands now, nothing much you can do,

except manage your fears and your dreams, another roller coaster you ride alone,

The what ifs, the I should have done this or that, or the why did I say that at all?!!
The which one fit us best? This one or that? or the fearful: I can't afford another mistake!

until that phone call rings and your car either climbs up for exhilleration or dives down down down in dissapointment....
Or until you make that phone call, full of fears and hope, knowing the joy or sorrow you will bring on the other end of the line....

It's a dance, formal and predictable, with moments that transcend, an emotional roller coaster, set on rails......that's different every time.

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