Context - the Wallpaper on your mind!

What is the wallpaper on your mind?

What is the background, the canvas on which you live your life?

The medium in which you mix and stir your decisions, your perceptions of what is possible....and what is not.

..and is your wallpaper, old,peeling out of date and out of touch with who you really are now? - an unexamined and un-reviewed context that needs updating to catch up with your personal growth?

And who really are you now? Have you checked lately?

Hopefully you are clearer, more powerful, more aware than ever.

Hopefully you are creating amazing, positive relationships and results in your life in a relaxed and creative manner

What is your wallpaper in your mind?

Is it full of complaints instead of possibilities?

Has it caught up with who you really are?

If I started a sentence with:

"Who (your name) is:"

....and put a default template context on it like:

"A powerful, creative person, in charge of their life, making great things happen in their personal life, the people around them and in their business and work projects! (and you end it with:) That's who I am!"

What would you write about who you are?

Stick the template up on a wall where you can see it, chew it over, think about it...and when you are ready, write an up to the minute declaration of what your context is, what your wallpaper looks like.

Do that and you will renovate and freshen your mind, your activities and your life.

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