Why long suffer when you can short, sharp suffer?

Arguably Australia’s leading personal business coach, Mike Kennedy says quickly ruining your business takes an extraordinary commitment and focus.

“Most business owners who are rapidly going out the back door in the midst of massive market change need discipline and single minded focus to ignore the overwhelming evidence of the need for change”

“It takes a special person to be able to quickly ruin their business” he says.  
“There are five key things that contribute to their success”

1.        Hold fast to your old business model.  This is essential if you want to ruin your business quickly.  Make sure you are focusing your marketing efforts and resources on dying market demand.  It takes determination and courage, but the rewards are there. 
2.        Ignore industry trends.  Disregard the latest information about what your consumers are doing.  In fact, you will achieve greater success in ruining your business quickly if you ignore what other news agents are doing that works.  You don’t want to be distracted from fast-tracking your business ruin.
3.        Work harder, longer and give up holiday breaks.  It’s better for you to navigate the demise of your business while in an exhausted state.  That way you won’t feel the frustration and the pain while your cash flow slows to a trickle, your creditors lose faith in you and your shop becomes a graveyard.  This also helps your demise by enabling you to think foggily and have totally flawed judgment.  You will look like you are fighting going out backwards, getting the sympathy vote when it all falls apart.
4.        Get involved in pet projects for outdated concepts that nobody wants.  This is a brilliant strategy.  You spend hours tinkering with a project that will never get off the ground.  You can waste your time and resources and who cares if it never gets off the ground, especially if it expedites your journey out the back door! 
5.        Be “Uncoachable”.  Don’t listen to any feedback.  Shut any conversation down about how you can improve or save your business.  Pretend to listen to those well-meaning people who are trying to help you, while being demeaning and insulting about their strategies and ideas.  You don’t want to be distracted from your noble cause of running your business down and leaving by the back door. 

It’s not easy to ruin your business quickly – it takes commitment, discipline and focus.  But there are rewards.  You will look like a prophet by saying that no-one could make a profit in such dark and gloomy times.  You will be admired, quoted and lauded by the 5% of naysayers, gloom merchants and pessimists in your industry.

...isn’t that what we call a Pyrrhic victory?

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