By the way, Happy New Year!

Silly me!

I almost forgot!

After a very successful holiday, kicking back and relaxing with my family, even on New Year's Eve, surely I can be forgiven!

However, I can see clearly that "New Year's Eve" and "New Year" are fictions that we have created that make a great excuse for a party and to let our hair down, among other things.

As a coach, of course I see it as an opportunity to let go of unresourceful behaviours and attitudes and to commit to and embrace resourcefulness and focus.

And I'm aware that that is also something that we have made up.  That we can make "New Year's Resolutions".

Werner Erhart once said: "Something does not have to be true, to be useful"

So I embrace that this is indeed an opportunity to make some promises to ourselves and to pay attention to making those promises stick.

The trick is, to put some structure around yourself to support your promise.

A resourceful client of mine achieved a saving goal late in 2013 by engaging her project with her friends and published and updated her project's progress by social media.

Another client notified me that he had passed his exams in a very challenging subject, simply by supporting himself with structures, he'd never used before.

If you want some support with your aspirations, your best intentions, then that's exactly what I do here at AddsValue.

But don't let that stop you letting me know what you are up to in 2014 - I'm always keen to know.

May your year be full of surprises and celebrations that you create from achieving your outstanding results through your courageous and creative actions.

Happy New Year!

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