Productivity – looking for our national “Magic Bullet”

Sydney, NSW, - Pension age may rise: Productivity Commission (Financial Review 22 November 2013)

In this article, the Treasury’s top economic forecaster, David Gruen, said: 

“A period of truly diminished ­outcomes is likely to be at hand, unless luck or appropriate policy initiatives intervene.”

Dr Gruen warned that to maintain recent levels of income growth in the absence of growing terms of trade and labour participation rates would require labour productivity growth to average 3.2 per cent a year for a decade – something that has never been achieved before.

Even though this has never been achieved before, doesn’t mean that it is not possible. 

Ironically, it might even mean that achieving something like this might actually be easier than expected and possibly be a way more enjoyable and fulfilling way of spending your time at work.

The effect of having a coach in the workplace demonstrates significant increases in productivity.

 And most of this productivity is due to a process in coaching known as “Taking your handbrake off.”

When a client releases self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours, the increase in productivity and the accompanying ease is palpable.

The question is not how we can increase productivity, but more; how can we get out of the way of enabling productivity to occur?

The question is: “What are your self-limiting attitudes and emotional responses that are holding back your peak productivity?   

These are all your blind spots so the help of a skilled coach can help you clarify these and then enable you to substitute them with more resourceful thinking and behaviours.

China has demonstrated the power of coaching’s effectiveness in creating extraordinary levels of productivity with their commitment to mass coaching. 

Why can’t we Australians create our own miracles by sustaining 3.2% for a decade?

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