What's the difference between an A*@#hole who knows they have been acting like one and an A*@#hole who doesn't know that they have been acting like one?

The answer to this famous business question is simple.


The A*@#hole who knows who they are and what they are doing has choice.

They can choose other avenues of behaviour.

They are the masters of their own destiny.

They can choose their way out of their current circumstances, they have traction and power.


The A*@#hole who doesn't know who they are and what they are doing has no choice, traction and no power.

They are stuck in this mode of behaviour.

They will do the same old same old things over and over again.

You can read these people who are in denial or who are unaware of the quality of their behaviour.

These are people who certainly don't deserve your trust.

But....and only if you manage to get them to do this thoroughly and authentically;

...if you can get them to see & admit to  the A*@#hole quality of their actions and then to authentically apologise for the consequences of their behavior.......

Then you have someone you can conditionally trust with a very short leash.

As always, Self Awareness always liberates the human.

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